Glu Gin - De La Petite Merveille 15° 70cl

Glu Gin is a premium blend of gin and carefully picked fruits, spices and botanicals.

The gin is infused with a unique blend of cinnamon, cloves, oranges, berries and delicate spices. Glu Gin is ready to drink, requiring only gentle heating before serving to achieve a cheerful warm glow and mildness. The ideal serving temperature is 65°c. Glugin is the perfect winter drink. The combination of gin and spices ensures a warm and cheerful experience. We recommend adding cinnamon, orange zest and sugar to your taste.


perfect serve

SERVE WITH A SMILE - Make our product taste even better by adding a smile to the Glu Gin experience

AN EXTRA TWIST - Feel free to ad cinnamon, orange zest and sugar to your taste. Make it yours!

A LOVELY GLOW - Enjoy the lovely Glu Gin glow in combination with the winter cold. Goosebumps!