gruber's gin 40.1° 50cl

The Gruber’s Gin takes you back to the 19th century when the Gruber Family was raising crops, herbs and orchards in the heart of Europe.

The passion for nature and harvesting fruitful produce have been inherited through the generations. To pay tribute to its’ ancestors, the Gruber Family has produced a delicate and exquisite premium gin. A wide variety of carefully picked botanicals and a touch of salvia result in an exceptional natural gin. Gruber’s Gin brings back the meaning of salvia in the glass and purveys the message of well-being, prosperity and salvation.


perfect serve

We recommend using Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic water. Brighten up your Gruber's Gin by garnishing with lemon (or zeste). Don't be afraid to try new combinations and create your very own signature drink!